Powerlink cable, 8-pin, shielded, 100% B&O compatible

Powerlink cable, 8-pin, shielded, 100% B&O compatible

Powerlink cable RJ45 <-> 8-pin DIN, fully wired, 100% B&O compatible

Powerlink cable RJ45 <-> 8-pin DIN, fully wired, 100% B&O compatible

almando Masterplay (Converter for B&O Masterlink)

Connect any devices to B&O Masterlink speakers

B&O Masterlink products stays original
(no modification needed!)

• 100% compatible to Bang & Olufsen
  works with Beolab 3500, Beolab 2000, LCS 9000,
  works also with Beolink Passiv, Beolink Active

• 100% compatible to Apple Airport Express
  volume regulation directly at your iPod, iPhone, iPad

• 100% compatible to SONOS Connect (ZP90)
  volume regulation directly at SONOS Control, iPod, iPhone, iPad, Android

• Automatic activation of the Masterlink speaker
  as soon as an audio signal is detected
  an additional switching-on with a B&O remote control is not necessary

• Real Multiroom
  play a different kind of music at every Masterlink speaker
  simply connect a Masterplay and e.g. a SONOS Connect
  to every Masterlink speaker in all of your link rooms

• Use the Beolab 3500 as a center speaker for your television
  The analog output of your TV must be variable (volume regulated)
  (e.g. Headphone jack)

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Bang & Oufsen
The almando Masterplay is suitable for all AUDIO Masterlink products by Bang & Olufsen - Beolab 3500, Beolab 2000, LCS9000 and also Beolink Passive and Beolink Active.

Apple Airplay
What about the music on your iPhone? Wouldn’t you like to play it via your B&O Masterlink speaker and move freely in the room – without annoying docking stations and remote controls?All you need is an Apple Airport Express and our almando Masterplay. Your simply start playing the music on your iPhone or iPad and listen to it via your B&O Masterlink speaker.You don't even need a B&O hi-fi unit – and you even don’t have to switch on your Masterlink speaker with a B&O remote control. By the way, you also can use the Airplay function when you use a Sonos Connect instead of an Apple Airport Express – in case of further additional possibilities (internet radio, music services like Spotify, etc.)

Sonos Multiroom
Connect an almando Masterplay and a SONOS Connect to every Masterlink Speaker in all of your Link rooms and enjoy an endless selection of songs and radio stations from all over the world.In doing so, you supply your home with a first class and easy to operate multi room system. In each zone (room) of your Sonos Multiroom system you can either play a different kind of music or exactly the same music absolutely synchronously using the party mode.


Connect any devices to your B&O Masterlink speaker
The almando Masterplay ís a Masterlink Converter, that allows you to connect any sources to all kind of B&O Audio Masterlink devices - even if the source hasn't a Masterlink connector - and even the source is from another manufacturer (e.g. Apple Airport Express or SONOS Connect).The Masterplay will turn on the Masterlink speaker for you automatically, as soon as it detects an audio signal from the B&O source (Beosound 5, Playmaker) or any other device.For handling the connected device you therefore need only the particular remote control and in this way you can control the volume.It is not necessary to activate the Masterlink speaker and regulate the volume with a B&O remote control.

Use your Beolab 3500 as a center speaker for your TV
The current television become more and more flat and they have a slim frame. This is also the reason why sound quality is poor.Because of its design the Beolab 3500 (and also the former LCS 9000) is ideal as a center speaker for your TV. Simply connect the analog output of your TV to the Masterplay. As soon as you start your TV you can to listen to the rich and voluminous sound of your Beolab 3500.With some television sets by Samsung, Sharp, Panasonic, Sony, Toshiba, LG, etc. the audio output via RCA-sockets is volume controlled, respectively can be adjusted in that way via the menu of the television. If this is not possible with the television most devices also have a headset output – and this is almost always volume controlled.


What kind of B&O Masterlink products can be connected
You can connect all AUDIO-Masterlink products by Bang & Olufsen. These include:
 - Beolab 2000
 - Beolab 3500
 - LCS 9000
 - Beolink Passive
 - Beolink Active

Masterlink jack or RJ45 jack - you have the choice
If you have a usual Masterlink cable (a cable with two Masterlink connectors at both ends), you should take the Masterplay with Masterlink jack of course.Otherwise take the version with the RJ45 socket. For this version there are special adapter cables available (Masterlink to RJ45) or RJ45 screw terminals (here you can connect a "half" Masterlink cable, which you have previously removed from your junction box).


Plug & Play
The installation of the Masterplay is foolproof - simply plug together, activate the timer at your Masterlink speaker, maybe if required turn an optional switch and the device is ready for use after a few seconds.

Complete Control
In general the installation is already complete after that. Nevertheless the device offers optional the possibility to configure the particular backlash time for untriggered audio signals (intelligent signal detection) with a DIP switch.


Automatic activation via intelligent signal detection
As soon as a signal touches, it is detected by the almando Masterplay and converted into a Masterlink signal. If the source fails to send a signal (e.g. if it is turned mute or switched off) an intelligent circuit provides a backlash of about ½ or 2 minutes (adjustable) – only then the Masterlink speaker is turned off. This is necessary e.g. for longer speech pauses within audio books, and accordingly, gives you enough time to select the next titles for play back from your music archive.

Automatic activation via external trigger voltage
If the connected source itself possesses a trigger voltage (e.g. B&O devices or Loewe television with trigger voltage) then it has the great advantage that you don't have to wait for the otherwise necessary backlash time until the Masterlink speaker goes into standby mode. This kind of source activation has to be preferred to the otherwise typically used signal detection.

[former item number: #908 and #903]


works with these Masterlink products by Bang & Olufsen:
- Beolab 3500 (also LCS 9000)
- Beolab 2000
- Beolink Passive
- Beolink Active


Remote Activation at the Input
ON/OFF via external Switching Voltage (5-16 V DC) on 8-pin DIN Input Socket

Automatic Starting at the Input
“ON“ as soon as NF signal touches, “OFF“ (standby),
if no NF signal is available for longer than ½ or 2 minutes (adjustable)


8-pin-DIN (Powerlink or RCA with included adapter cable)

Masterlink (choose from Masterlink jack or RJ45 jack)


Electric Power Supply
- 200-240V~ 50 Hz (choose from cables with European, UK or Australien plug)
- 100-130V~ 60 Hz (cable with US plug) 

171 x 72 x 34 mm (L x W x H)

0,3 kg

black or white

3 years

Accessories within the shipment
- Power cord (electric cable)
- DIN-RCA adapter cable for connecting devices with common RCA cables
  (e.g. SONOS Connect, Loewe TV)

Accessories separately available
- Masterlink cables
- Masterlink-RJ45-adaptercables
- RJ45-Adapter (Screw Terminal)
- LOEWE Audiolink-Adapter

Connect any device to B&O Masterlink speakers



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